Théâtre de l'Union

Le Théâtre de l’Union translate in english by the Union Theater (union meaning relationship and mutual assistance but also coalition) symbolized here by a minimalistic hyphen.Le Théâtre de l'Union is a National Drama Centre. It belongs to a network formed after the Second World War, throughout France, around directors and poets to whom the State entrusted the mission of producing, co-producing, welcoming and distributing to the widest possible audience high quality theatrical works. In 2022, after a change of direction, le Théâtre de l’Union launched a major renovation including the branding but also its programming, more feminist and queer than before, and its website.

Art Direction : Studio Bingo
Season Visuals : Gilbert Wilson / Photography : Alys Thomas / Light : Guillaume Civel
Website : Pixine
Models : Dominique Beyrand – Ashille Constantin – Richard Dumy