Madmoizelle is a famous French feminist online media

Direction artistique et identité : Studio Bingo
Site, UI/UX et développement : Marie LaurentAnne FollietHumanoid et Mathieu Menut !
Set design : Studio bingo

Photographie "Portrait de classe " :
Réalisé en partenariat avec MAC Cosmetics / Modèles : Amélia, Claude Emmanuelle, Elixène, Iqra, Jeanne, Kimberley, Loïse, Marianne, Méganne, Nina, Romane, Saana et Sonia George / Direction artistique : Oldie Mbani / Photographie : Julia Grandperret Motin assistée de Kamila K. Stanley / Réalisation : Mathilde Fanet / Maquillage : Oldie Mbani assistée de Jawhara Sosse Alaoui / Coiffure : Dhair, Rémy Dupont et Shenna Rochas / Stylisme : Carine Malonda assistée de Caroline Arénas / Chargée de production : Lucie Niekrasz / Directrice de rédaction : Mélanie Wanga / Production : Marine Normand

Apparaissent aussi dans les articles Madmoizelle : Dorothée Biechy, Bianca CostaQueen EstherMymy HaegelCamille LorenteCrystal MurrayNatoo, Kalindi Ramphul, Marion SéclinThérèseAlice Vanor, (vous êtes magnifiques, keep the good fight !)

What does Mademoiselle means ?
Mademoiselle is a title or form of address used of or to an unmarried French-speaking woman, corresponding to Miss.

Why is there a mispell in the brand name ?
This is just the typical french touch of madness that we love. We love it so much that the new identity emphasized it by offering a beautiful Z letter in a very witty font. After all, mistakes are a part of life…

Madmoizelle has been created in 2005 at a time where few online media where dedicated to woman between 15 and 30 years. It has since grown to become one of the most read online media in France. In 2021, after #MeToo, #BLM and all those events that have shaken the world to the ground, Madmoizelle has decided that is was time for a skin change in order to be better aligned with her 3 most important values : inclusivity, feminism and power. The old identity, round, soft and nice, has been replaced with a stronger version, a new identity that is open to discuss but not to concede. Madmoizelle has now become more confident while staying fun and true to her readers.