Daronne is the grown up (a.k.a the Mom version) of the french online media Madmoizelle, dedicated to make all moms feel good.

Direction artistique et identité : Studio Bingo
Site, UI/UX et développement : Marie LaurentAnne FollietHumanoid et Mathieu Menut !
Set design : Studio bingo

Apparaissent aussi dans les articles Madmoizelle : Raphael DescraquesJuliette KatzCamille Lorente, Lucie NiekraszShirley Souagnon (vous êtes magnifiques, keep the good fight !)

The comics about pregnancy used in the Instagram stories repost design has been done by Lucy Knisley

What does Daronne means ?
Daronne is the french slang for mother. The closest translation would be the “bossy mom that we still love even when she is a pain in the ass”.

Why the identity is visually close to the one created for Madmoizelle ?
The idea was not to create a brand new media but to create a new branch dedicated to parenthood. The typical reader of Madmoizelle is situated between 15 to 30 years old while Daronne speak to a more grown up target with kids.

Daronne has been created in 2019 first as a separate brand under the name Rockie. The idea was to create an extension to Madmoizelle for readers with children which were not interested by the same topics. In 2021, after #MeToo, #BLM and all those events that have shaken the world to the ground, Madmoizelle has decided that is was time for a skin change in order to be better aligned with her 3 most important values : inclusivity, feminism and power. Rockie became Daronne and was then fused with Madmoizelle to create a more complete media really dedicated to all women with or without children.